Thad Vogler Raises the Bar with Regional Offerings

Thad Vogler is many things. He is a California native, in tune with the rich agricultural diversity of the Bay Area. He is a pioneer of the term “regionalism,” having developed a penchant for products that express their own local agricultural identity. He is the co-author of "31 Rules for Bartending" with his colleague Erik Adkins, a guideline for their standards of hospitality. He is the owner of Bar Agricole, Trou Normand, and the forthcoming Obispo, bars that marry his ideologies around sourcing and service. He is now an author, having just released his first book, By the Smoke & the Smell, equal parts memoir and travelogue. He is also my ally, one who agrees that spirits are agricultural products, born from the same foods we eat at our dinner tables. 

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